Rose Quartz
article byMeadowlark
Published Tue, 18 Jan 2022

Stone: Rose Quartz

Birthstone: January birthstone, and also the stone for the 5th wedding anniversary

Country of origin: Iraq. It's also found in Brazil, USA, India, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka

About Rose Quartz:
Quartz is a macro-crystalline mineral which since antiquity, has been the most commonly used mineral worldwide for making jewellery. Rose Quartz is a type of quartz with a rose pink hue, the hue is due to small amounts of either titanium, iron, or manganese.

What is the meaning of Rose Quartz?
Known to be a stone of healing, and unconditional love, support emotional healing, inspire compassion and increase feelings of peace and calm.

What is the history of Rose Quartz?
The discovery of Rose Quartz dates back to 7000 BC, in Iraq. (which at the time was known as Mesopotamia). Rose quartz jewellery was known to be crafted by the Assyrians around 800-600 BC. It is believed that the Assyrians and the Romans may have been the first to use this stone.

Since ancient times, Rose Quartz has been used as a talisman and was believed to have magical powers. Some believed the stone could prevent aging while others believed it could resolve arguments between lovers.

What is the provenance/traceability of Rose Quartz?
We are currently working through the traceability and supply chain of these stones, watch this space.

Caring for Rose Quartz
You can care for your Rose Quartz jewellery by gently washing in warm, soapy water.

Ensure you wipe it dry gently with a cloth


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