Your April Birthstone is Diamond
article byMeadowlark
Published Thu, 09 Apr 2020

Stone Diamond
Birthstone April
Country of Origin Antwerp, Mumbai & Israel

What is the meaning of the diamond?
An eternal favourite, the white diamond brings longevity, clarity and powerful purity.

What is the history of the diamond?
Diamonds are the hardest natural substance on earth, and can be used many times while still retaining their brilliance. We use a mix of new and reclaimed diamonds.

What is the provenance/traceability of the diamond?
A reclaimed or recycled diamond is a diamond that was once mined or used in another piece of jewellery, and is ready to be repurposed. While this makes traceability difficult, the benefit is these stones have a minimal environmental impact as we are making use of materials which are already in existence.

Our non reclaimed diamonds come from mixed sources, diamonds 5mm and over come with GIA certification.

An eternal favourite, diamonds are considered the world's most precious gemstone and are a symbol of love and commitment, longevity, clarity and strength.

In addition to being the April birthstone, diamond is the gift of choice for the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries. And, of course, today the diamond engagement ring has become a near-universal symbol of love.

Diamonds are the only gemstones comprised of one pure element, carbon, making it the hardest naturally occurring substance on earth. In their pure form diamonds are crystal clear, however coloured diamonds are becoming more popular. Pink diamonds are a symbol of romance and femininity and are thought to be formed by immense pressure during their creation, while most other colours are created when inclusions of other compounds are present. Black diamonds are formed when graphite, another form of carbon, combines with carbon, while white diamonds are the result of multiple inclusions that cause the light passing through the stone to scatter, giving it a translucent milky appearance.