Your February Birthstone is Amethyst
article byMeadowlark
Published Sat, 27 Feb 2021

Stone Amethyst
Birthstone February
Country of origin Brazil

What is the meaning of the amethyst?
Often viewed as a stone of peace, the amethyst is thought to be a stone of protection and emotional support, imbuing feelings of calmness. Astrologer Camillo Leonardi believed the amethyst enhanced intelligence and rids evil or negative thoughts.

What is the history of the amethyst?
The amethyst is a semi precious stone, a violet variety of a quartz. The name amethyst comes from the ancient greek word ‘amethystos’ meaning not intoxicated. In ancient times Greeks wore amethysts and carved their drinking vessels from the stone, believing that it would prevent intoxication.

What is the provenance/traceability of the amethyst? We are currently working through the traceability and supply chain of these stones, watch this space.