Your November Birthstone is Citrine
article byMeadowlark
Published Tue, 17 Nov 2020

Stone Citrine
Birthstone November (topaz is also a November birthstone) 
Country of origin Brazil

What is the meaning of the citrine? Symbolises the light of the rising sun. Energy for prosperity and inner security. A joyful stone with bright energy that enhances self-confidence and positivity, citrine is known as the success stone.

What is the history of the citrine? The citrine is a yellow/brown/orange variety of quartz that has been used in jewellery for thousands of years. It has a shared history of mistaken identity with the other November birthstone, Topaz. The name citrine is believed to be derived from 'citron', the french word for 'lemon'. This stone is commonly given as a gift for the thirteenth wedding anniversary. Because it is available in a wide range of sizes, the citrine birthstone is one of the most desired yet affordable yellow gemstones.

What is the Province/traceability of the citrine? We are currently working through the traceability and supply chain of these beautiful stones. Watch this space x